Showroom walk around of the all-new 2019 models

    At the 2019 new model launch, we had a few experts on hand to take you through the highlights of these machines.

    Phil Blurton in Maverick X3 Wins 500-Mile Vegas-to-Reno, Again

    Here’s how Phil Blurton and Beau Judge captured a hard-fought win for Can-Am.

    Here’s why the mud matters

    The thrill of powering through the deepest, gnarliest mud holes on earth doesn‘t come naturally to most people, but Dustin Jones isn‘t most people. Born, raised, and based in Shreveport, LA, his passion for challenging himself and his machines has led not only to S3 PowerSports—but a growing trophy case as proof of all the hard work.

    Top 4 things to do in and around Christmas Meadows, Utah

    Located in northeastern Utah, Christmas Meadows offers up some of the most beautiful terrain that an avid outdoor enthusiast could ask for—which is exactly why we chose it as the setting to launch the all-new Maverick Trail. 

    Christmas Meadows may sound as if it’s an unbelievably idyllic setting—and that’s about right! From UTV trail riding, fishing, canoeing, hiking to even helicopter tours, Christmas Meadows offers something for everyone. 

    For our Maverick Trail introduction, the expansive 50-inch-wide trails and the 11,000-foot Elizabeth Peak are where test drivers got to experience the amazing scenery and enjoyable terrain. 

    If you’re planning a trip or will be nearby, here are the top four things to check out.

    How would you test drive the Defender if we weren't looking?

    As the proud creators of the Defender side-by-side vehicle, we’ve been looking for ways to challenge its real-world capabilities since the moment it rolled out of the shop. As off-road enthusiasts like you, we also realized it was going to be hard to show people just how capable the Defender is unless they’ve had a chance to live with it for a while.

    How did we solve both problems? Extend the test drive to a full day and have prospective customers drive the Defender on their terms, on their property. 

    A day later, our team returned to take back the vehicle and get impressions from the test drive. Some ended up tackling tasks that tested capabilities to the limit, while others noted the Defender’s overall refinement and the near-instantaneous torque from its Rotax V-Twin engine.

    What can you do with a Defender? There’s only one way to find out—try it.