Mavericks, meet the Maverick Sport: 60-inches wide, a choice of two 1000-cc Rotax powerplants, all inside Can-Am’s latest chassis technology. We've already tested it to the limit on all terrain types—now it's your turn.


You knew it was coming. The do-it-all, weekend warrior, 1,000-cc, 60-inch from Can-Am. The Maverick Sport. It’s here to bookend your everyday routine with flat-out blasts, life-changing journeys, and memorable rides. Engineered as the next evolution for the heart of the Maverick lineup, so the possibilities won’t end—the Maverick Sport is just getting started.


At a stout 60-inches wide, the Maverick Sport’s all-new suspension setup strikes a balance between wide trail maneuverability, long-wheelbase stability, and a playfully planted stance. Here’s what makes it move like a Maverick:


Adventure’s in the eye of the beholder, and from tread to roof the Maverick Sport’s innovative features combine to create the most versatile dual-sport Can-Am ever. In this segment, side-by-side vehicles are often compromised by overall length—but not the Maverick Sport. Its Ergo-Lok cockpit was designed for the all-day comfort of two riders while actually adding storage and practical space over the competition.


The calling cards are unmistakable: this is a Maverick. Front LED signature lights, new half doors and an enhanced chassis cage signal the poise and possibility built into every Can-Am.

We’re proud of it, and you will be too: the Maverick Sport leaves the factory line ready for 1 year of maintenance-free running. Another thing: don’t worry about containing your excitement out of the box, as the 1000-cc Rotax powerplants will get you there, back, and back again without missing a beat.


What it takes to be drawn to a machine before twisting its key? Formed from the Maverick’s deep heritage as the ultimate all-rounder, Maverick Sport moves even farther forward in its design.


You’ve watched it in action, you’ve examined its features—and we know you’re always thinking of your next adventure. That means it’s time to build a Maverick Sport and begin equipping your perfect Can-Am.

Why stop there when we haven’t? 100s of factory-grade upgrades can be fitted at any time to your Maverick Sport, including Lonestar Racing performance accessories and attachments from the LinQ system.